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A lotta hard work.

Here at A2, we bring ideas to fruition.

This takes a whole lotta work and healthy dose of know-how.


Our Reality-Based product development method considers, in depth, how demographics, trend, manufacturing, pricing, and distribution affect the successful launch and life of a product.


Because this methodology is a natural part of everything we do, our solutions are more than just eye-candy. They are innovative, relevant, and executable.



Our benefit as a company is the ability to thoroughly research a product category without uttering any esoteric marketing jargon.



Pure, unadulterated brilliance. It's like Willy Wonka meets Ocean's Eleven up in here. #micdrop



Going from prototype to product faster than a Williamsburg hipster on a fixed gear.

Powered by people.

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Lou Henry

Lou is the creative force behind A2, Inc. His work can be seen in the permanent collections of a number of museums such as The Chicago Athenaeum and MOMA in New York.


Having earned a degree in industrial design from Carnegie Mellon University, Lou has since been busy putting his personal touch on an endless stream of products and developing entire brands from the ground up. His work is characterized by unique solutions and a relentless pursuit of simplicity.


Our Crew

We’re an all-star team of specialists, all addicted to the same crazy process.  We love a challenge, and our diverse backgrounds add up to the right mix to solve each one we encounter.




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245 W 29TH STREET #1601, NEW YORK, NY 10001


Team members at A2 Inc
Lou Henry head shot portrait
red dot design award logo
Team members at A2 Inc
Lou Henry head shot portrait
red dot design award logo